CDC Project Firstline

Project Firstline is a national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collaborative designed to provide new infection control training to the millions of frontline health care workers and public health personnel nationwide. The South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) is leading Project Firstline in South Dakota, in partnership with the CDC and the SD Department of Health.

NEW TRAINING for health care and essential workers comes to South Dakota

All health care workers in hospitals and on the front lines are essential to stopping the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19. Project Firstline will help South Dakota arm its health care workers and first responders with the training they need to prevent and control infectious disease threats.

The training content – comprised of short training videos – educates health workers on infection control procedures and the tools needed to protect themselves and their community. The training videos are short, engaging, and interactive with built-in knowledge checks.

THE PROJECT TARGETS a wide variety of health care settings:
• Health care professionals serving all hospitals and practice clinic types including dialysis
• Health care professionals serving long-term care facilities including home health and hospice
• Public service professionals and volunteers serving as first responders including emergency medical services (EMS), firefighters, law enforcement and community health workers
• Employees in public schools and prison facilities

FULLY CUSTOMIZEABLE TRAINING for an individual or organization

Project Firstline training can be customized to a facility. By completing a brief Learning Needs Assessment survey, participants can choose which videos they may need, how they want the training delivered and what additional training resources they may need — to save an organization time and effort, while getting their workforce fully updated on the latest CDC infection control procedures.

To take the Learning Needs Assessment survey or to learn more about Project Firstline in South Dakota, visit: