Tobacco Control Program Disparities Grant

The purpose of the Disparities Grant is to ultimately reduce the toll of tobacco use in South Dakota.

Congratulations to the Chamberlain Future Farmers of American (FFA) and their chapter advisor, Justin Graves, for submitting the winning hashtag and video!


South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) was awarded the SD Tobacco Control Program Disparities Grant through the SD Department of Health that begins June 1, 2020 and continues until May 31, 2021. The grant award is $12,500.

The purpose of the Disparities Grant is to ultimately reduce the toll of tobacco use in South Dakota.
SDFMC will be targeting rural youth in South Dakota to help create and develop a social media tobacco prevention video competition. This competition is unique in that it requires collaboration by students to design, research, and make an impact on tobacco prevention amongst their peers. Teens are creative and can shift perceptions around tobacco use but can also help support their friends and family who are currently using tobacco products. Using social media to share tobacco prevention messages, youth will interact with family, friends, and community members through creative posts, hashtags, and shared messages.

By participating, youth organizations have an opportunity to earn rewards for their group through:
1) Name the #Hashtag
2) Having the most shares and likes on social media
3) 1st and 2nd place videos will win prizes for their local organization and possibly be used by the SD Department of Health on television

SDFMC will develop and distribute packet information that includes contest rules and guidelines focusing on prevention and the dangers of tobacco use and where to seek assistance. Participating organizations will be given a fact sheet that may be used in their messaging to provide them with current and up-to-date literature and data on tobacco use.
Initiation of the video contest will begin with a kickoff “Name the #Hashtag” challenge. This hashtag will be attached to each video submission for the contest and will be instrumental in how SDFMC measures the impact of the overall project. This will allow organizations to post their videos to an identifiable challenge across social media platforms.

SDFMC will provide media guidance and be available to answer questions throughout the project period.

A team of selected judges will score the videos based on pre-determined criteria. This judging panel will consist of representative from various occupations including a health-related field, teaching, and a teen to give different perspectives on the learning outcomes and message relatability.

Videos must be no longer than 30-60 seconds and must include a tobacco prevention message, such as reduced access to tobacco products (at home, from friends and family, stores, etc.), reducing secondhand smoke exposure, or increasing access to resources. Our goal is to get short, powerful, and impactful messages regarding tobacco prevention.