Board of Directors

The South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care’s Board of Directors defines the mission and goals of the organization.

Directors are elected to three-year terms and are limited to serving two consecutive terms. Elections typically occur in May or June of each year and one third of the Board is appointed annually.  Board of Director Compensation for 2019 equaled $5,309.10.


Clarissa Barnes, MD
Term(s): 2017-2020, 2020-2023
Avera Medical Group Hospitalists Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

Vice President

Mark L. Harlow, MD
Term(s): 2021-2024

Rapid City, SD


Sylvia Anderson, MD
Term(s): 2018-2021; 2021-2024

Faulkton Area Medical Center
Faulkton, SD


Thomas Huber, MD
Term(s): 2021-2024

Sanford Clinic – Pierre
Pierre, SD

Member at Large

Mr. Nick Fodness
Term(s): 2018-2021; 2021-2024
Chief Executive Officer
Avera Marshall County Healthcare Center
Britton, SD

Jerome Bentz, MD
Term(s): 2018-2021; 2021-2024
Avera Medical Clinic – Platte
Platte, SD

Lisa Brown, MD
Term(s): 2022-2025
Regional Medical Center – Custer
Custer, SD

Mr. Chuck Johnson
Term(s): 2021-2024
Michael J. Fitzmaurice State Veterans Home
Hot Springs, SD

Mr. Scott Larson
Term(s): 2021-2024
Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center
Canton, SD

Matthew Owens, MD
Terms: 2022-2025
Redfield Clinic
Redfield, SD

Veronica Radigan, MD
Terms: 2022-2025
AMG University Psychiatry Associates of Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

Mr. Jeremy Schultes
Term(s): 2016-2017; 2017-2020; 2020-2023
Chief Executive Officer
Philip Health Services
Philip, SD

Mr. Jon Soderholm
Term(s): 2021-2024
Medicare Beneficiary
Sioux Falls, SD

Mr. Steve Lindquist
Term(s): 2020-2023
Sioux Falls, SD

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