AVEL eCare Grief and Loss Care

AVEL eCare is recruiting facilities and organization to participate in an educational program opportunity focused on long-term care, geriatrics, and Medical Order for Scope of Treatment (MOST).

In partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health, Avel eCare Senior Care is offering nursing home leaders, clinicians, and emergency responders the opportunity to participate in hands-on educational sessions on helping individuals document a clear plan and understanding what to ask before providing care.

Free 90-minute interactive virtual learning sessions will be held in March, April, and May to introduce tools, practice skills, and provide individualized implementation support. The sessions will also provide practical tools to recognize and support people who are grieving the suffering and death experienced in this community. 

The pandemic has been a life-changer for many, particularly those living in a nursing home or who cares for someone who lives in a nursing home. Many have not survived.  One recurring painful question that families, emergency providers and facility staff find themselves grappling with is “Is this what he/she would want” as critical decisions must be made. 

During a crisis, the weight of decision-making can be overwhelming, and this often leads to regrets and family conflict. Creating opportunities to have this conversation before a crisis is ideal. It gives people the dignity of sharing what matters most to them, provides the opportunity to ask questions, and gives peace of mind that the care interventions offered are consistent with the resident’s wishes.