Vaccination Provides Safer More Reliable Protection

Vaccination is a proven method for preventing the spread of infectious disease. Staying current on immunizations is important at every age and reduces the risk of becoming infected or experiencing complications. The South Dakota Foundation for Medical (SDFMC), in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health, is working with community-based and faith-based organizations to explain the value of COVID-19 vaccination and boosters.

“Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a safer, more reliable way to build protection. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect people by creating an immune response without the potentially severe illness or post-COVID conditions that can be associated with COVID-19 infection,” explained Brad Richardson, MS, MBA, FACHA, (photo right) program manager at SDFMC.

“SDFMC continues to be engaged in promoting better health choices and options for our fellow South Dakotans by providing vaccination education, promoting health awareness, and providing our neighbors with evidence-based facts to make an informed decision as it relates to COVID vaccination.”

With over 50 years as a quality improvement organization, SDFMC has witnessed the evolution and growing selection of vaccinations for every age group. From the long-standing benefits of T-dap and tetanus to the more recent HPV and COVID, vaccination is a proven method for preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Richardson added, “Over the years, our partners have come to know that SDFMC will consistently and reliably work to improve healthcare resources for South Dakotans.”

The following posters are available for download and distribution.

  • Understanding when and why to get a vaccine booster is important. Updated vaccines protect against changing virus strains.
  • Weakened immune systems increase the risk for severe illness. Vaccination is added protection for older adults and those with chronic health conditions.