March 8 Office Hours: Germs Can Live in Dirt

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We are Project Firstline

Stephanie Popowski-Dahl, RN, CDP, is one of the South Dakota PFL program managers who shares infection prevention tips and expertise. She commented, “Regardless of the setting, healthcare professionals go to work every day with the intention of taking excellent care of patients or residents. Making sure healthcare professionals are educated and reminded of the basic infection prevention practices can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Stephanie Popowski-Dahl

Intended to motivate action and inspire change, the SD PFL asks for feedback and future topic recommendations during each session.  The goal is to provide valuable information that will be used and shared to impact infection prevention and control across the state. Recording of each session are available on the SD PFL YouTube channel.

“Healthcare professionals around South Dakota and in all departments need to know infection control practices can have a long-lasting impact on their residents and patients,” Popowski-Dahl reflected. “It really is amazing to think how far the reach of SD PFL can go!”