The Infection Connection Session Features SDFMC Team

Jess Danko going through a website with students

SDAHO Post-Acute Partners in Care Conference: April 12-13, 2023

South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care’s (SDFMC) infection prevention content experts, Jess Danko, MSHA, RRT, LTC-CIP and Cheri Fast, RN, CIC, LTC-CIP, will provide first-hand examples of infection control concerns during the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO) Post-Acute Partners in Care Conference which begins April 12, 2023. The Infection Connection: Opportunities to Enhance Infection Control Education session is scheduled for the 9:00 AM slot on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

“We are committed to spreading knowledge in the infection prevention community. We leave facilities with evidence-based tools and provide them with guidance in all their infection control concerns,” explained Fast. “Every time we step into a facility, we know we will face challenges and see a different perspective. Everything in healthcare is unique. Each patient is unique. Each facility is unique. Each healthcare worker is unique. That is what makes our work so special.”

This SDFMC infection prevention team has traveled across the state providing proactive infection control assessment and response visits (ICARS) and promoting Project Firstline resources. 

Danko commented on the experience, “Staff appreciate the opportunity to talk through and share processes in real time. They explain what is happening within their facilities and what they’ve done to enhance their infection control practices. This has given us a first-hand perspective of common infection control concerns that could use improved attention in the healthcare setting.”

Hosted at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, conference participants will be engaged, challenged, and instructed on hot topics such as innovative nursing home models, naloxone use in long-term care, attracting the next generation of workforce, and more. This event is designed to create the opportunity for networking and education for all post-acute care professionals in nursing homes, assisted living, home health, and hospice.

Fast reinforced the value of connecting. “Giving facilities the opportunity to network is crucial. There are numerous challenges facing healthcare today, and knowing where resources are and who to contact matters.”

The full conference schedule is available on the Post-Acute Partners in Care Conference website. Those needing assistance with registration may contact the SDAHO office at 605-361-2281 or email