Schuch Aims to Improve South Dakotans Quality of Life   

stethoscope in shape of heart

As a lifelong citizen of South Dakota, Cindy Schuch’s, MS, RN, CPHQ, goal as a nurse has always been to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Schuch has capitalized on the vast varieties of nursing positions throughout her 30 plus years in healthcare. The South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) is excited for Schuch to join the team and provide her expertise as a program manager.    

She believes that the experience of each opportunity builds on another to provide the best high-quality care for a person, whether at the bedside or building systems or resources that deliver or support care.

“I thrive on building and improving systems that help the client and those that serve the client. My attention to detail and building processes are integral to my role as a program manager and quality improvement advisor,”     

exclaims Schuch.

Prior to joining SDFMC, Cindy held a variety of positions within Sanford Health. Her clinical foundation began in the cardiac realm in the hospital and clinic settings. After she obtained her master’s degree, she was an RN Administrator for an assisted living facility. The world of quality and accreditation drew her back to the Sanford system where she spent another 8 years supporting the entire scope of services in quality improvement, regulations, and accreditation.      

She took this knowledge and experience globally when she worked with Sanford World Clinic, particularly in the clinics of Ghana. She led the team to achieve SafeCare certification, one of few in their country, as well as built standards of practice for several service lines in those clinics.

She later returned to Sanford where she was a clinical supervisor in a busy internal medicine clinic. During that time, it was a designated site for the covid vaccine when it was rolled out. Most recently, she was a clinical care leader in the Preoperative area, assuring patients were prepared and cleared for surgery. Schuch also worked with SDAHO on a project to increase collaboration of opioid abuse response efforts in selected communities in South Dakota.    

She said joining SDFMC was an easy decision, “I chose SDFMC because I wanted to align my work more closely with my professional aim and to capitalize on my broad experience as a nurse. SDFMC allows me to do just that.”   

To learn more about Schuch and read her biography visit SDFMC.