Koehn Set to Impact Bright Start Team  

Toddler daughter being held by her mother

With over 25 years of experience in maternal child health, Jane Koehn, RN, is eager to use her knowledge and skills as a Bright Start nurse home visitor for the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC). Koehn’s interest in maternal child healthcare was sparked when she became a mother.   

“The nurses who cared for me inspired my passion for maternal child healthcare. I am excited about educating patients and helping them build their confidence as new parents,” Koehn stated.

The Bright Start program connects eligible expectant and first-time mothers with a personal nurse to provide education and support from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday.  Anyone can use the Bright Start Referral Form to learn more about the program.  Demand for this personalized nursing support and care has allowed the program to expand. Koehn is one of six SDFMC nurse home visitors who will be serving central and northeastern South Dakota.    

Mary Jane Koehn

Koehn recognizes the value of personal connection. “I am looking forward to building trusting relationships with first-time moms and helping them build confidence so they can achieve healthy outcomes and a better life for themselves and their babies. My hope is to make a long-lasting difference.”     

Her experience working labor and delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery included providing education to her colleagues and administering postpartum classes to new parents. Using evidence-based care, motivation, and compassion were key factors for creating impact and ensuring the foundation for long-term relationships.  

“I am passionate about providing quality care to my clients and making a positive impact every day. As their very own personal nurse, I will support and guide moms to achieve their goals and feel prepared and secure about becoming a mom from pregnancy until her child’s second birthday,” declared Koehn.  

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