Preparing Community PODS for Emergencies

Emergencies are unexpected and being prepared often saves lives. Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) provides the structure and tools to keep communities and volunteers safe in the event of a public health emergency. Point of Dispensing (POD) sites are essential for distributing medical counter measures, such as vaccines or other medications, to larger amounts of people.  Continue reading “Preparing Community PODS for Emergencies”

CDC Project Firstline Town Hall May 16

May 11, 2023, marks the expiration of the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) declaration. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated the infection control recommendations for healthcare facilities.  To support healthcare workers to understand the updated recommendations and how they may be implemented in various facilities and settings,Continue reading “CDC Project Firstline Town Hall May 16”

Sharing Pregnancy Milestones with First-Time Moms

Becoming pregnant is a major milestone in a person’s life. However, there are numerous mini-milestones sprinkled along the 40-week pregnancy journey. A very memorable milestone is feeling the baby move for the first time!   The Bright Start program in South Dakota is here to help first-time mothers along their journey of pregnancy and be thereContinue reading “Sharing Pregnancy Milestones with First-Time Moms”

Nurses Week May 6-12: Thank You to all Nurses  

It’s a special week in the medical field! May 6- 12, 2023, is Nurses Week and an opportunity to appreciate nurses who work tirelessly for their patients. South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) encourages everyone to reach out and send thanks to the nurses in their life.    Nancy McDonald, BSN, RN, CPHQ, director of qualityContinue reading “Nurses Week May 6-12: Thank You to all Nurses  “

A Positive Start to Motherhood

No one would be here today without a special woman in their life. Mothers play an important role in every child’s life, whether it is their first or last! They impact their child’s growth and development and set the foundation for learning. Let’s celebrate all mothers, especially first-time mothers, this coming Mother’s Day! SDFMC Bright Start is a partContinue reading “A Positive Start to Motherhood”

Jess Danko Awarded 5 Year Service Award, Better Choices Better Health 

Helping others overcome the challenges of managing chronic disease provides inspiration and motivation to members and workshop leaders. Jess Danko, MSHA, RRT, LTC-CIP, program manager for the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) recently received a five-year recognition award as a Better Choices, Better Health (BCBH) leader.    In the past five years, Danko hasContinue reading “Jess Danko Awarded 5 Year Service Award, Better Choices Better Health “

April 18: Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health

Many individuals with mental health issues have faced closed doors and struggle to access appropriate care services. Instead, individuals may turn to an open bottle. Whether it is pills or alcohol, their unmet need for mental health care may escalate into substance use disorder. “Understanding how behavioral health impacts medical needs reduces complications and healthContinue reading “April 18: Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health”