Project Firstline

Project Firstline. Not just training. Training that can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

How can we prepare for the NEXT pandemic?

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NEW TRAINING for healthcare and essential workers

It’s URGENT that frontline health workers get the training they need to keep themselves – and the public – SAFE. Because we know COVID won’t be the last threat, and the next time a new infectious disease comes, we need to be ready.

That’s why the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the SD Department of Health on Project Firstline, a NEW national training for frontline healthcare workers. To arm our frontline with the knowledge they need on infectious disease prevention. Get in on this training NOW, before the next disease threatens us. Scroll down for more information.

Training Videos

Project Firstline Training: What you want, when you want, the way you want.

And it can save your life.

Healthcare and frontline workers are our nation’s first line of defense against infectious diseases like COVID-19.  That’s why the SDFMC has partnered with the CDC and the SD Dept. of Health to present Project Firstline – a national health training collaborative – to prepare the millions of healthcare workers for the next infectious disease that will threaten us, the next disease that will try to take us down.  This time we’ll be ready. 

Project Firstline is now available in South Dakota.  It’s the newest CDC training on infection prevention and control; training that’s customizable to YOUR facility.   You tell us what you want, we give you a training that’s right for YOU. Comprised of short videos, each video contains information on infection prevention procedures, from basics to advanced education.   You can choose which videos your workers need, how you want the training delivered, and what other training resources you may need, to save your organization time and effort, while getting your workforce fully updated – fast – on the latest CDC infection control protocols.

Time-saving, LIFE-saving training for frontline workers… because keeping our frontline safe keeps ALL of us safe.     

To get started, just fill out this brief Learning Needs Assessment survey.  That information will help us give you the training you need, delivered how you want, in the format you want. 

We know COVID won’t be the last threat.  Arm your workers with the knowledge they need to protect themselves, their patients, their families, and their community.   Click here for the survey.

Project Firstline Trainings are

  • TIMELY, containing the most up-to-date information from the CDC!
  • EASY To Understand, perfect for you whether you have completed many trainings, or this is your first!
  • SHORT to fit into your busy schedule, each video is about 10 minutes 
  • and its FREE!

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Project Firstline. It SAVES LIVES. 

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SDFMC is proud to be a Project Firstline partner with the CDC. Project Firstline is made possible by a grant from the SD Dept. of Health