April 18: Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health

a young woman looking down

Many individuals with mental health issues have faced closed doors and struggle to access appropriate care services. Instead, individuals may turn to an open bottle. Whether it is pills or alcohol, their unmet need for mental health care may escalate into substance use disorder.

“Understanding how behavioral health impacts medical needs reduces complications and health care costs,” explained Ashley Kingdon-Reese, MBHCA, BSN, LNC (C), chief operations officer at Angelhaus Huron. ” By building best practices to service acute mental health conditions, we can reduce nurse burnout and prevent unnecessary institutionalization.”

Angelhaus Huron offers an open-door transitional center to help individuals cross the final threshold from treatment to recovery.  Kingdon-Reese is the featured speaker for the Best Practice Briefs Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health session on April 18, 2023, at 12:00 PM Central.

Participants will learn about the challenges of maintaining mental health for individuals transitioning from substance use disorder treatment. Kingdon-Reese will describe the transitional housing and level of care offered at Angelhaus Huron and discuss ongoing efforts to expand referrals and reinforce ongoing recovery. 

Recordings and registrations are available on the Best Practice Briefs web page.
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