April 18: Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health

Many individuals with mental health issues have faced closed doors and struggle to access appropriate care services. Instead, individuals may turn to an open bottle. Whether it is pills or alcohol, their unmet need for mental health care may escalate into substance use disorder. “Understanding how behavioral health impacts medical needs reduces complications and healthContinue reading “April 18: Opening Doors to Improved Mental Health”

Expanding Support for Expectant Mothers 

The Bright Start Nurse Family Program is providing personal nurse support from pregnancy to the child’s second birthday for a growing number of South Dakota women. Pregnant women, family members, friends, and health care professionals can use the Bright Start Referral Form to connect women to services in 19 communities across the state. Women whoContinue reading “Expanding Support for Expectant Mothers “

Best Practice for Positive Outcomes and Workforce Relief: Community Health Workers

Community health workers (CHW) are creating positive health outcomes and relieving workforce pressures across South Dakota. These frontline public health workers are often trusted members of the population or community. This natural and common connection enables CHWs to engage communities and health/social service systems to improve the quality and cultural competence of services. The valueContinue reading “Best Practice for Positive Outcomes and Workforce Relief: Community Health Workers”

Care Connections Best Practice Brief Series

Improving care connections provides a balance of care services and resources that improves overall health. While most individuals work to avoid the emergency department others consider it a source of primary health care. Neglecting routine and preventive care services increases the risk for health complications or crisis situations.  Overuse of emergency services places a burdenContinue reading “Care Connections Best Practice Brief Series”