A Positive Start to Motherhood

a woman holding their child closely to face

No one would be here today without a special woman in their life. Mothers play an important role in every child’s life, whether it is their first or last! They impact their child’s growth and development and set the foundation for learning. Let’s celebrate all mothers, especially first-time mothers, this coming Mother’s Day!

SDFMC Bright Start is a part of the statewide expansion of the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), which is an evidence-based home visiting model. This program aims to impact the health and lives of first-time pregnant moms of all ages in South Dakota. Bright Start provides professionally trained registered nurses to be another layer of support to this at-risk population. 

Valerie Wagner, RN, program manager for the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC), has provided this evidence-based home visiting model for the past nine years. She is amazed with the increased confidence in each mother she has worked with, as they grow through this important stage of motherhood and parenting.

Wagner says,

“These moms and their babies benefit in healthier pregnancies, child development, and school readiness.”

Additionally, NFP has been around for over 40 years helping mothers with their pregnancies and navigating this new chapter of their life! In that time frame, it has expanded into 40 states and even a few international places. By using this program mothers reap endless benefits and so does their baby.

Wagner also points out,

“I would have loved having this program available when I first became a parent. We nurses provide great listening skills in an unbiased, nonjudgmental environment and building that trusting relationship with clients impacts positive health outcomes. “

That is why it is important to give the best start to parenting and positively impacting the most influential time in all their lives. The first two to three years of a child’s life set the foundation for their lives.

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Interested in learning more about the South Dakota Bright Start Program and how it can help new mothers? Visit this link https://doh.sd.gov/family/pregnancy/BrightStart.aspx