Sharing Pregnancy Milestones with First-Time Moms

Becoming pregnant is a major milestone in a person’s life. However, there are numerous mini-milestones sprinkled along the 40-week pregnancy journey. A very memorable milestone is feeling the baby move for the first time!   The Bright Start program in South Dakota is here to help first-time mothers along their journey of pregnancy and be thereContinue reading “Sharing Pregnancy Milestones with First-Time Moms”

A Positive Start to Motherhood

No one would be here today without a special woman in their life. Mothers play an important role in every child’s life, whether it is their first or last! They impact their child’s growth and development and set the foundation for learning. Let’s celebrate all mothers, especially first-time mothers, this coming Mother’s Day! SDFMC Bright Start is a partContinue reading “A Positive Start to Motherhood”