Sharing Pregnancy Milestones with First-Time Moms

a pregnant woman holding stomach

Becoming pregnant is a major milestone in a person’s life. However, there are numerous mini-milestones sprinkled along the 40-week pregnancy journey. A very memorable milestone is feeling the baby move for the first time!  

The Bright Start program in South Dakota is here to help first-time mothers along their journey of pregnancy and be there to share in every milestone. Mothers can enroll in Bright Start and receive free help from registered nurses at every step of pregnancy. Every nurse works as a team with the mother to increase positive pregnancy outcomes for the expectant mother. 

How did you react to your baby’s first movements? Share with first-time moms about your physical and emotional experience of feeling your baby on the SDFMC Facebook post!

 Carol Phillips, RN, Bright Start Home Visiting Nurse, expressed,  

 “I am extremely excited about the Bright Start Program expanding to central SD. It is such a joy and privilege to share these milestones with our first-time moms-to be! I have witnessed anxiety decrease and joy and confidence increase when this journey is shared with their own personal nurse.” 

Bright Start is based on the model of the Nurse Family Partnership program established 40 years ago. It has been proven to decrease preterm births. Additionally, the results of the program are exceptional! There has been a 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect and 67% less behavioral and intellectual problems in children at age six. Furthermore, there has also been a decrease in tobacco and drug use with pregnant mothers going through the Bright Start Program.   

“I hope that our first-time mothers will want to travel this journey of pregnancy with a Bright Start Nurse at their side,” Phillips remarked.  

Visit Bright Start program website to enroll, refer someone, or learn more about the program.