Sturgis Mobile Response Team Links Patients and Providers

Most people believe health care services happen within clinics and hospitals, but the need for health care reaches beyond those walls into the community.  Community health workers (CHW) bridge the gap by coordinating care and addressing social determinants of health. The Sturgis Mobile Response Team (SMRT), funded by the South Dakota Department of Health (SDContinue reading “Sturgis Mobile Response Team Links Patients and Providers”

Lending a Health Care Helping Hand

Community health workers (CHW) are rising to the top of the list of who to know in South Dakota communities. But what is a CHW? A CHW is a person who helps to create connections and relieves pressures from individuals and health care professionals. CHWs help individuals locate community resources and navigate the health care system.Continue reading “Lending a Health Care Helping Hand”

CHWs Add Value to Health Care Workforce

Improving community connections to health and social services contributes to improved health outcomes. Utilizing community health workers (CHWs) to navigate services adds value and reduces cost and workforce burden. In the past year, the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care team has contributed to the expansion of the CHW network within health care and communityContinue reading “CHWs Add Value to Health Care Workforce”

Best Practice for Positive Outcomes and Workforce Relief: Community Health Workers

Community health workers (CHW) are creating positive health outcomes and relieving workforce pressures across South Dakota. These frontline public health workers are often trusted members of the population or community. This natural and common connection enables CHWs to engage communities and health/social service systems to improve the quality and cultural competence of services. The valueContinue reading “Best Practice for Positive Outcomes and Workforce Relief: Community Health Workers”